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EPW5 Luck is no accident. Luck is a whirlwind adventure … a three- two at the gate and a unknown i r. Sparkle of citrus, temperature of spices, flowers three planters innocence, charisma and seksapalite of animalik notes of patchouli, the owner will have the chance for this fragrance is dissolved in each other. Pink pepper and lemon scent of a three- ar. O i d minus heart iris, vetiver, s UMB the line and provides elegance jasmine. Patchouli, musk and animalik off the scent notes I run.


Top Note : Citrus-Spice  Orange, Apple, Plum, Green Notes

Middle Note: Ciceksi  Iris, Vetiver, Hyacinth, Jasmine

Base Note: Woody-Animalic   Patchouli, Musk, Animalic Notes

TOP NOTE: It is the first note heard when the perfume is squeezed. Since it consists of the most volatile essences, its effect lasts only a few minutes. While buying perfume, one should not comment on the smell heard at first. Sharp and quickly evaporating fragrances are used in the top notes.

MIDDLE NOTE: Occurs   when top notes disappear and lasts for several hours. The middle note is also called the  heart note to indicate its importance . Before making a decision about perfume, one should be patient and wait for the middle note fragrances to be revealed.

BOTTOM NOTE:  The effect of the bottom notes is proportional to the permanence of the perfume and can last throughout the day. It is the note that begins to be heard at least half an hour after the perfume is sprayed, when the middle note is about to disappear. This part is the expression of the perfumes personality.

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